Keep the Novice Experience alive throughout the year by joining in with us for our weekly Novice Rig "Night"!

WHEN: Every Monday in the US, from sunup on the east coast, to midnight on the west coast.
WHERE: Suggested 7100-7125 Kc, 3550-3600Kc, plus any other amateur frequency on 80, 40, 15, and 10 meters you care to arrange, or find someone.
EXCHANGE: Whatever you'd like to talk about. Tell others about your station, your projects, your other hobbies, or just whatever you enjoy talking about.
NO LOGS to turn in: Novice Rig Night is just a day/night we know others will also be on the air with Novice-style equipment. Of course, we would all be interested to read your NRN reports on facebook and groups.
CQ NRN: ...And remember to tune around on Mondays to catch those xtal controlled stations returning your CQ. You may choose to announce operations, or make skeds via the Yahoo Group, Discord Chat Server, or the NRR Facebook group.
We, of course, encourage folks to Work Novice any day of the week, anywhere where CW mode is legal on the bands. Again, utilizing the Discord Server, Yahoo and facebook groups will help facilitate QSOs with other NRR members, but do not limit yourself to our little group of 1040.
Spread the NRR word!

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