Bry Carling AF4K (SK)

Novice Rig Roundup was conceived by Bry Carling AF4K
and Gary Johanson WD4NKA circa 2013 as a way to
recapture some of the joy of their first operating
experience. They found a receptive audience in the SKCC
community, and the first NRR was held in 2014.

By 2018, Bry was ready to pass off the responsibility
of running NRR to Dan Sands N7SU and
Doug Tombaugh N3PDT. NRR continues as an annual
event each March, and in order to encourage
"operating Novice" throughout the year,
we have designated Mondays as Novice Rig Night.

Thinking about joining the fun? Don't hesitate. Sign up
today, and meet us on the air next Monday! Don't have
a Novice style rig? No worries, ALL are welcome.

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