MY STORY about Novice Rg Roundup 2017 by VE3LYX, Don.

When I first heard of the Novice Rig Roundup I was a bit skeptical. After all, up here in Canada we didn't even have Novice licenses although we did have an entry level ticket back then. We were restricted to CW on HF bands for the first year although with a full log book you could get 10M phone by permission. However as time went on and I returned more and more to simpler rigs and CW I gave it a second look. Some of the folks involved I had had contact with before.
I had certainly enjoyed some of the AWA CW events and have Lou VE3AWA to thank for encouraging me. This year with a whole week of activity and the N8FQ Sked Board (an idea long overdue in Ham radio) I decided to give it a shot. I waded in gently firing up my Bare Essentials one tube Transmitter on 80M and listening with either my 12SL7 regen or my 19R Hallicrafters given to me by Jim VE3DCX. That took care of the first night and I did fairly well. The next night I fired up my breadboard station built from the 1943 ARRL handbook and bagged several contacts with ease. This was fun. Spurred on by the success of the event and the usefulness of the Sked Board I put the No 19 Wireless Set on 40M and made a couple of QSOs. Things were going well. Eventually, late in the week I was asked about my 1929 211 Hartley and late one evening put it in service for a short time, bagging a couple more. No thought was given by me about contesting. I was just in it for the pure fun. When it all came to an end, too soon it seemed, I have to admit it was the most fun week I have ever spent in Ham radio.
Good folks, willing to try in sometimes trying conditions working each other for the pure fun of it. Often using vintage rigs like they had when first licensed. I had laid off code for many years after I qualified for my ADV ticket and unfortunately I have never regained the CW ability I once had. Too many birthdays perhaps. Never the less I managed somehow with more then a fair share of contacts.
I can hardly wait for next year! If you haven't tried the NRR event I would encourage you to do so. It is real hard to beat fun for a good time and this event was FUN! Thanks to Bry and Gary for making it happen.
Don VE3LYX 73

Note: There are several others who worlk tirelessly behind the scenes to make the NRR happen as well as it does!

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